Six Is So Much Less Than Seven – Book Review

What The Bibliotherapy Project loves about this book

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This is a heart-warming look at a day-in-the-life after loss.

Six Is So Much Less Than Seven beautifully illustrates the ache of missing someone who has passed (in this case, a beloved cat) even as life continues when they’re gone.

Whom it’s for

With no explanations about death in the text, this work is extremely thematic in nature. For this reason, it is super accessible for all children (even those who have not lost a loved one), and is likely to spark discussion.

It may be especially helpful to children who have lost a loved one.

The protagonist in this book misses his pet cat (one of seven cats), so the story is likely to particularly strike the hearts of children who miss a deceased:

  • cat,
  • pet, or
  • a beloved member of their group (such as a sibling or friend).

Be Aware

Six Is So Much Less Than Seven conveys its theme through illustration and poetic repetition. It does not contain prewritten text to lean on when children ask questions relating to death and grieving.

Other books will be better suited to the purpose of explaining death.

This book is better for relating to loss, and letting the child know he/she is not alone in missing the lost loved one.

What it’s about

From the publisher’s website 1/27/2020

Each morning when the old man wakes up, his cats are with him. They are with him when he has breakfast, when he cleans his house, and as he tends to his farm. The old man is content, but something is missing. It is only at the end of the book that the reader discovers what it is — a much missed friend. 

Featured Quote

When cleaning the barn…

When picking tomatoes…

When taking a walk…

But most of all, when visiting an old friend, six is so much less than seven.

Six Is So Much Less Than Seven by Ronald Himler

What do YOU think? Any comments to help others help children with this book?

Share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

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