Granddad’s Island – Book Review

What The Bibliotherapy Project loves about this book

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Somehow this colorful book is both lighthearted AND about loss. The illustrations follow a boy and his granddad on an adventure in which Granddad ultimately stays on the exotic island, and the boy returns home.

There is a nice moment in the book in which the boy (Syd) goes back to the rooms of Granddad’s house, but without Granddad, they literally have lost their magic.

Whom it’s for

Granddad’s Island has universal themes accessible to all children (even those who have not lost a loved one).

It may be especially helpful to children…

  • …who have lost a loved one, or
  • …whose loved one has moved away.

Be Aware

In Granddad’s Island, the grandfather doesn’t *technically* die. He chooses to stay on the remote island.

The journey seemed much longer without Granddad.

Granddad’s Island by Benji Davies

In the end, Syd receives a photo of him and his Granddad on the exotic island together and ends on a hopeful note.

This book does NOT explain loss, but a child can relate to the heartache of missing a loved one who is happy in a better place.

The book does not spend a lot of time discussing Syd’s experiences after the “loss” and focused more on his adventures with his grandfather at the end of his days.

What it’s about

From the publisher’s website 2/24/2020

At the bottom of Syd’s garden, through the gate and past the tree, is Grandad’s house. Syd can let himself in any time he likes. But one day when Syd comes to call, Grandad isn’t in any of the usual places. He’s in the attic, where he ushers Syd through a door, and the two of them journey to a wild, beautiful island awash in color where Grandad decides he will remain.

So Syd hugs Grandad one last time and sets sail for home. Visiting Grandad’s house at the bottom of the garden again, he finds it just the same as it’s always been — except that Grandad isn’t there anymore.

Sure to provide comfort to young children struggling to understand loss, Benji Davies’s tale is a sensitive and beautiful reminder that our loved ones live on in our memories long after they’re gone.

With subtlety and grace, Benji Davies paints a poignant and ultimately uplifting picture of loss

Featured Quote

At every turn they saw new wonders.

Granddad’s Island by Benji Davies

What do YOU think? Any comments to help others help children with this book?

Share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

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