Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce – Book Review

What The Bibliotherapy Project loves about this book

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This book gently describes the Dinah’s new life once her parents announce they are getting a divorce. The story addresses Dinah’s sadness and her wish that everyone could be in the same place.

In the end, the story emphasizes that her parents love her and will always be her mama and daddy.

The story may help ease some of a child’s fears and help demystify the unknown of what the child’s life will look like with divorced parents.

Who it’s for

This is an explanatory story that will be most beneficial to children whose parents are divorcing.

This is a better read for children on the younger side (3-5 years old) due to its simplicity and directness.

Be Aware

The family seems to have a split custody agreement in which the father picks up the children on Saturdays, and the children spend most of the week with their mother.

What it’s about

From the publisher’s website 1/27/2020

When Mama and Daddy Bear tell Dinah that they are getting a divorce, Dinah is very sad and scared. Where will Daddy go? Will she see him again? Over time, though, Dinah learns that while Daddy isn’t living with them anymore, many of the best things stay the same: Mama will always be her mama, Daddy will always be her daddy, and they love her very much. A brief note for parents is included.

Featured Quote

“Even if there had been a divorce, Ruth would always be her sister, her daddy would always be her daddy, and her mama would always be her mama. And they all loved her very much.” 

Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce by Cornelia Maude Spelman

What do YOU think? Any comments to help others help children with this book?

Share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

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