7 Ingredients for Bibliotherapy with Kids

Today I’ll share: Who can do bibliotherapy What qualifications are needed to do bibliotherapy with your kids What 7 things you need to do bibliotherapy Who can do bibliotherapy? Every child needs guidance through life’s ups and downs, especially through the “downs.” All children need stories to teach them what it means to be human,Continue reading “7 Ingredients for Bibliotherapy with Kids”

Top 4 Mistakes Parents Make with Bibliotherapy

Here at The Bibliotherapy Project, we’re parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians reading select picture books to children to prepare them for life’s inevitable tough times, and to support them when a specific challenge arises. ***As with all information at The Bibliotherapy Project, we are specifically talking about developmental bibliotherapy, NOT clinical bibliotherapy. (Read to learnContinue reading “Top 4 Mistakes Parents Make with Bibliotherapy”

What is “The Bibliotherapy Project”?

Bibliotherapy is about giving kids solid emotional resources through picture books. As much as we try to protect them, kids will face difficulty. It’s part of human life. But as more and more children struggle with mental and emotional challenges, and as more and more adults struggle to explain an increasingly complex world to theContinue reading “What is “The Bibliotherapy Project”?”